Black Panther 2

Source: Marvel Studios / Marvel Studios

Black Panther Tickets Have Finally Gone on Sale AKSFJHASDGI,FS.

Try not to freak out, but Black Panther tickets are officially on sale, and it looks like you can cop tickets via Fandango for screenings as soon as February 15. If you were tuned into the College Football National Championship game on Monday night, then you also saw the new trailer. If you weren’t, then you can watch it below. And again: REMAIN CALM.

Bad Weather Conditions Have Brought Mudslides to Southern California.

Southern Californians were ordered to evacuate on Monday ahead of the rainstorm that has since dumped large amounts of water onto areas of land previously ravaged by recent fires. According to The Associated Press, “several homes have swept from their foundations and residents are unaccounted for” as the area faces massive mudslides. Santa Barbara County Fire Department Capt. Dave Zaniboni tells AP crews are attempting to rescue people across Montecito.

First the New Jim Crow Ban, Now This?

A new (and destructive) order seeks to limit the kinds of books NY State prisoners can receive. Titled Directive 4911A, it’s currently being implemented in New York State prisons with the potential to be enforced across all facilities. It will also limit prisoners to a selection of 77 books (five romance novels, 14 religious texts, 24 drawing or coloring books, 21 puzzle books, 11 how-to books, and one dictionary and one thesaurus). The Department of Correction hopes to “enhance the safety and security of correctional facilities through a more controlled inmate package program.” Right. Tell that to the Books Through Bars collective.

In other news, the ban on The New Jim Crow was lifted in New Jersey following ACLU’s protest. Aaow.

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