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Joe Biden Delivers Remarks After Winning U.S. Presidency

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Vice President Kamala Harris has achieved a number of “firsts” in her career; she was the first woman VP of the United States and the first African American and Asian American to hold the position. In commemoration of her accomplishments, one particular museum had decided to place the Madame Veep among its own list of firsts, too. “Madame Tussauds New York is adding another first to Harris’ list of achievements by creating a wax figure in her likeness,” the popular tourist attraction revealed in a statement made on her 100th day in office, “an honor that has never before been extended to a vice president.”

Harris’ sculpture will be accompanied by one of President Biden in the museum’s “Oval Office Experience,” and the twosome will be decked out in the same attire they wore on January 20, 2021, the day Harris was sworn into “the second-highest office in the land” and made history.

The bust of Harris and Biden are already done, and they took six weeks to complete. However, their bodies will require another four to six months to finish, according to the press release, and great attention is being paid to ensure every detail about Harris is accurate, from her memorable purple suit designed by Black designers Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson to her gold jewelry and pearls.

Sculptress Vicky Grant said, “It’s a huge honor to be sculpting Kamala Harris, and to get to this stage has been quite a journey… I feel like the most important features of Kamala Harris to get right are not only her lovely, warm, and welcoming smile but also her eyes because I feel like she’s so engaging when she smiles, she actually smiles with her eyes as well.”

Grant and fellow artist David Burks are working from Madame Tussauds’ London studios for this project, and Burks is no stranger to this level of work. He has been tasked with creating the wax figure of the standing POTUS, Joe Biden. “This will be my third president I’ve sculpted for Madame Tussauds,” he shared in a video. “Previously I did James Garfield and Ulysses Grant, so to add President Joe Biden to the collection is a big honor.”

Make your way to Times Square later this year and visit Madame Tussauds New York to check out VP Harris and President Biden when they arrive in the Big Apple.