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If there was a ranking of the “wildest conspirators on the Internet,” Marvel fans would be high on the list. While everyone has been scrambling to get their tickets to Black Panther, a new screenshot of a scene in the upcoming blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War has diehard fans creating various scenarios around one of the lead characters.

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead.

Since the release of the film’s trailer, fans of the Marvel timeline have been looking forward to finally seeing Thanos go up against Iron Man and the gang. The trailer shows the villain’s arrival and the apparent anarchy he creates for our favorite heroes, as he seemingly mops up everyone with sheer violence and terror. And with speculation that some of the cast will not make it out of Infinity War, new pictures of Chris Evans as Captain America on set down in Atlanta hint that he may be the first to meet his fate against big body Thanos.

Evans is seen above in his Captain America costume shooting for the next film of the Marvel Universe, which has yet to be titled. To the common eye, nothing looks out of place. But Marvel heads noticed that he’s wearing the original Captain America costume, which he hasn’t worn since 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger. Some people concluded that if Evans is wearing his first uniform, he must be shooting flashback scenes for the next Avengers film. And why would Captain America be shooting flashbacks? You guessed it: if he bit the dust in Infinity War.

Of course, all speculations were met with retorts, and other fans quickly chimed in with theories that would make sense for Captain America wearing his old costume. But the photos do make it possible that we all may see the onscreen death of one of the comic world’s most iconic stars. We will have to wait until May to find out.