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At this point, LeBron James has mastered the art of skillful criticism against Trump. The Cleveland Cavalier denounced racism promoted by the 45th president again, without even mentioning his name, during an MLK day presser on Monday, The Washington Post reported.

“The state of racism will never die, but what we cannot do is allow it to conquer us, as people, we can’t allow it to divide us,” James said. “The guy in control has given people and racism, and negative racism, an opportunity to be out, and outspoken without fear.”

James continued: “And that’s the fearful thing for us, because it’s with you, and it’s around every day, but he’s allowed people to come out and just feel confident about doing negative things. Like I said, we can’t allow that to stop us from continuing to be together, and preach the right word of living and loving and laughing, and things of that nature. Because would we want to live anywhere else? I don’t think so. We love this place.”

James acknowledged that Americans are in a “difficult state right now with the leader of our country.” He encouraged the country to “come together” and “shine a brighter light.”

The NBA baller also took the time to praise Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his far-reaching legacy.

“You always hear people saying, ‘Risking their life,’” James said. “He [King] actually gave up his life, for the betterment of all of us to be able to live in a free world, and for us to be able to have a voice, for us to go out and be free, no matter your skin color, no matter who you are. . . .He had a vision, and he took a bullet for all of us, literally. In the rawest form that you could say that. He literally took a bullet for us.”

James, like Colin Kaepernick, has used sports as a platform to unite and advocate for Blacks. A few of the NBA star’s comments were recently used in a new Nike ad that promoted “Equality” in the nation, Waiting For New Year reported.


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