In today’s episode of They Not Like Us, Amber Rose, the woman who created an image for herself as a champion for women’s rights, has disappointed fans all over social media by coming out as a supporter of the former p****y-grabber-in-chief, Donald Trump. That’s right, folks, the woman who, after Trump was elected to office […]


Somehow, despite being a supposed billionaire from a wealthy family, Donald Trump has convinced the MAGA world that he is a man of the people—the common folk. (Although, to be fair, it’s probably the overt racism, xenophobia and white grievance pandering that put Trump over the top.) But Trump’s first presidency was largely viewed as […]

Years after initially calling out Donald Trump, John Legend is back to criticize the former president again. The Chicago-born singer sat with MSNBC‘s Jen Psaki on Sunday to discuss the 2024 election, and he was once again brutally honest about his feelings toward Trump. “He is a tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool racist,” Legend told Psaki. […]


According to people on X, Stephen A. Smith epically put his foot in his mouth in defense of Donald Trump.

Acolytes of the MAGA world are, apparently, big mad that yet another celebrity from “Hollyweird” has come right out and denounced Donald Trump. Actor Alan Ritchson, star of the hit series Reacher, sat down for an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, which was published earlier this month, and the 41-year-old challenged conservative Christians on why they […]

Fans are calling The Rock a pebble for taking a "coward stance" on the upcoming presidential election.

Noted sneakerhead Fat Joe is showing off his latest exclusive pickup, but it’s also his most controversial by far. As many can separate the artist from the art, the Bronx native is separating the politician from the gaudy kicks. Joe’s latest pair are of Donald Trump’s sneakers, the “Never Surrender High-Tops.”  He claims he’s got […]


As if Donald Trump’s new sneaker line and the MAGA minions who are lining up to buy them haven’t gotten roasted hard enough, it turns out customers who placed orders for the ugliest pair of “Air Treasons” imaginable might not receive them for months, according to the fine print in the company’s official Trump Sneaker […]


If you thought the oddest Donald Trump-related appearance was at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping near a sex shop and a crematorium, another campaign stop has entered the chat. The former (and twice impeached) president is going hard to find new demographics to appeal to, and his latest grift is aimed at sneakerheads, hence his […]

Donald Trump hit up Sneaker Con, that’s not a typo. As news spread of his audacity, it also came to light that he is now selling sneakers, and the jokes have been non-stop ever since.

Snoop Dogg’s gimmick about giving up smoking may have been an elaborate product promotion, but his latest comments are a true change of heart. The West Coast legend recently sat for an interview with UK’s the Sunday Times as he does media rounds to speak on his new show, The Underdogg. But rather than discussing […]

Few people get the internet to implode the way Stephen A. Smith and former president Donald Trump.