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Cardi B And Machine Gun Kelly In Concert - New Orleans, Louisiana

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Cardi B’s New Documentary Is Here.

It’s exclusively on Tidal, though… so unless you have an account, we’re afraid you’re out of luck. You can check out the trailer below, though.

Aptly titled I’m Here Muthaf*ckas (seriously—we couldn’t think of a better name), the documentary finds Cardi B reflecting on her rise to fame. “Three, four years ago I couldn’t afford his clothes,” Cardi says of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino. Scott also states, “[Cardi B is] a new, wild rocket that’s starting to challenge fashion looks but at the same time has this incredible personality.”

Cardi B is just everything, okay?

NBC’s Working on a Bad Boys Spinoff Starring Gabrielle Union.

While we’re admittedly torn regarding how we feel about a Bad Boys revival in 2018 (some things should just be left alone), we’re open to the idea of NBC’s spinoff, particularly because Union is in the mix. According to Deadline, the forthcoming TV series has been in the works since October, and will focus on the character played by Union in Bad Boys 2.

Has Michigan State Learned Nothing from the News, or Do They Just Not GAF?

We’re going to go with the latter since Richard Spencer’s reportedly scheduled to give a speech on the campus in March. Apparently, a Spencer supporter filed a lawsuit some time ago, and well… this was the result.

“This is a resounding First Amendment victory for people of the right-wing or alternative-right political persuasion,” Kyle Bristow, the attorney who was on the case, told The Washington Post on Thursday. “It stabs at the very heart of left-wing censorship in academia. I look forward to procuring many more legal victories like this one in the years to come.”

Lou Anna Simon, president of the public university, says the institution “rejects this group’s divisive and racist messages” and supports “an inclusive, just and democratic society,” but like…

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