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The sale of bootleg goods has been a challenge for the fashion industry for many years and streetwear brands, a niche genre turned multi-billion dollar business, are far from exempt. As is the case with their luxury counterparts, the booming resell market for streetwear makes the ability to sell counterfeit merch even easier and some consumers who covet brands like Supreme and BAPE/A Bathing Ape will willingly purchase fake items.

This week, the internet was abuzz as a popular Los Angeles boutique known for selling fakes was raided by police. Old School, located at 427 Fairfax Ave., sits among brick-and-mortar locations for Hall Of Fame and The Hundreds, and has been called out for its bootleg merch on a number of forums and message boards.

Footage of the raid actually made it to social media, as rumors spread that other stores may face a similar fate.

Flooding the streets with fake Yeezys and BAPE t-shirts probably isn’t the most sustainable business, so we’re curious to see what comes next for Old School and it’s owners. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and check out the store’s horrible Yelp reviews.