On Monday night, TV One will premiere its new social justice series Two Sides of the Truth. Executive produced and narrated by Viola Davis, the docuseries sets forth to take another look at the deaths of Eric Garner, Ezell Ford, John Crawford and Sandra Bland, while “humanizing these victims and not just making them a statistic,” says Davis.

“We were deeply saddened that these events took place,” Julius Tennon, Davis’ husband—who also worked as an executive producer on the show—stated. “We want people to have a real conversation about how we work together to bring about real change around these shootings that tear at the fabric of many marginalized families.”

According to PEOPLE, Two Sides will explore perspectives regarding recent police brutality cases with hopes of having “all angles” considered.

The show premieres just weeks after the death of Erica Garner, who died at Woodhull Medical Center following complications with a heart attack. Since the death of her father, Erica made it her mission to campaign for justice, along with police accountability for others who had been wrongfully killed and/or mistreated by law enforcement. A tireless fighter, she was lauded as one of this generation’s most notable fighters of social justice.

“When her father died, she was the one going out there in Staten Island every Tuesday and Thursday,” said the Rev. Kevin McCall during her funeral. “She was the one to bring this to a national level.”

Eric Garner died in 2014 when NYPD unjustifiably placed him in a policy-prohibited chokehold. His death sparked a national outcry.

“What this show does is it arms you with as much information as possible—even the information that you probably didn’t want to hear when the incident happened,” Davis says in the Two Sides trailer.

Watch the promo clip above.