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Grown Man Sh*t is here, and CASSIUS is ready to teach you the essentials that every dude should know how to do without completely fucking up.

In our inaugural episode, we’re teaching you how to cook a steak. As our host Dustin Ross says, this “is something that every grown ass man should know how to do.”

Before you can even get to cheffin’ it up, you’ve got to remember to take your steak — we prefer sirloin— out of the fridge and let it sit until it’s room temperature before it touches the skillet. We kept it super simple when seasoning and prepping our meat with some black pepper, salt, and some olive oil.

Salt Bae ain’t got shit on Dustin Ross, by the way.

Once it gets to sizzling in the pan is when the fun begins with some butter, garlic, and thyme before letting it rest for a few minutes. Then it’s time to dig in. If you follow our simple steps on how to make steak you’ll be straight next time your girl wants you to cook or the squad is tired of the typical pizza and wings you always order.

There’s more to life than alfredo, and we got you covered.

P.S. Please don’t overcook the steak.