It was an evening of properly seasoned, well-cooked food and Hip-Hop vibes.

Chef Jernard Wells is no amateur in the cooking world. The 42-year-old culinary artist has traveled all over the globe to expand his repertoire, written multiple cookbooks, opened different restaurants, competed in the World Food Championship, and appeared on shows like Chopped Junior and Food Network Star.

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If you can't stand the heat, get outta the kitchen!

Their partnership will begin with a new summer culinary series, "Flavor By The Grill." Tune in.

After you impress her in the bedroom, you gotta make sure you can throw down in the kitchen once the sun rises. It’s the morning after—we’ve all been there. If the booty call or drunken hookup (with consent, of course) had you blessed enough to end up on your home turf it must have been a […]

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You have a new go-to dish now.

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