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Lil Yachty has always been outspoken about his comfort as a man who loves ornate manicures, and the rapper finally rolled out his own nail polish line last month called Crete. However, in a recent sit-down with GQ, Yachty, aka Lil Boat, revealed that he really hit his stride with nail art after a convo with fellow rapper and manicure enthusiast ASAP Rocky.

“I started doing it about three or four years ago,” Boat said. “I got compliments instantly. I felt clean. My nails weren’t dirty and nasty. I felt more mature.” With Crete’s launch, Yachty said he was eager to share his newfound maturity with other men through bold colors but ultimately decided to scale things back for the first round. “Let’s just say,” he hinted, “I felt as if a lot of men may have wanted to do it—but it felt too feminine,”

ASAP Rocky shared his own position on the topic during an interview with Vogue two years ago, and his stance was similar to Boat’s, almost word-for-word: “I feel like men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine.”

So for now, Crete has the inaugural “Negatives 001” collection, and it carries three colors: asphalt, concrete, and sheetrock (which are the brand’s twists on black, white, and gray, respectively). There are also different sticker packs, sold separately, to complete the decorative look. But Yachty does plan to liven up the palette next month with the company’s “Heatwave” Collection, whose colors will include yellow, bright red, and orange.

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