Big Papi

Source: Big Papi Needs A Job / Fusion

For 20 years on the baseball field, David “Big Papi” Ortiz charmed millions with his unmatched talent on the pitcher’s mound, and his unending charisma. The retired Boston Red Sox All-Star brings that charm to the small screen, as he tries out some new careers, on Fusion’s Big Papi Needs A Job.

The reality docu-series follows Ortiz as he tests his talents on one job after another, including a manicurist, dog groomer, and even a tour guide at his old stomping grounds, Fenway Park. In the first episode, we watch the ten-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion take on the timbales in a salsa ensemble at the Berklee School of Music. First with a Dominican music staple, the güira, and then on the timbales made infamous by “El Rey De Los Timbales,” Tito Puente, we see that Big Papi’s a quick learner and holds his own quite rhythmically with the band.

But nail care doesn’t come as easy to the champ. His second stop is at a nail salon in Boston, where he gives his first manicure to a customer. With his big hands, Ortiz is a little bit nervous, and the red nail polish proves to be a challenge. But all in all, his client leaves a happy customer. He questions, “Can you imagine doing a Yankee fans’ nails?” The verdict might not be as kind, but Sox fan or not, it’s clear that there’s truly something loveable about Big Papi.

The 10-part half-hour series will be a fun in adventure, with Ortiz up to try anything with such a positive attitude. But no matter how he does in post-baseball professions, he’ll always be one of the most decorated and beloved players in Red Sox history, and that’s no simple accomplishment.

Watch the teaser for Big Papi Needs A Job below, and check out the first episode on Jan. 31 at 8PM ET/PT on Fusion.