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Russell Simmons Is Reportedly Being Sued for Rape.

Following recent sexual assault allegations, Russell Simmons is now reportedly being sued for allegedly raping aspiring filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik in his Beverly Hills home. According to a report by celebrity news site The Blast, Farosik says Simmons “got aggressive” with her in 2016 after she rejected his advances. He then allegedly pushed her onto his bed, “pounced on her,” and “proceeded to rape her.”

“Mr. Simmons practices meditation, yoga and is a long time vegan practicing non violence against animals,” Jarosik’s lawyer, Perry Wander, told Page Six. “So basically he treats animals better than women.”

Read the full original report here.

Questlove & NBC Are Also Reportedly Being Sued for Firing Two White Racist Camera Guys.

Because God forbid the camera guys be held accountable and, you know, learn something. Word on the TMZ streets is Questlove demanded NBC fire two of the Tonight Show‘s camera guys over a “vile” and racist group text that the two camera guys—who are white—claim they weren’t apart of.

“According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, a stagehand sent Decker, Cimino and Roots member Mark Kelley—who’s black—a text during a taping of the Tonight Show last year, which they say they never asked for or responded to,” TMZ reported Wednesday. “They say they tried explaining this to NBC execs in an attempt to distance themselves from the vile text, which they feared would be associated with them.”

Reps for both Questlove and NBC have since issued statements, which you can read here.

In Lighter News, Tiffany Haddish Just Scored a Deal with HBO.

Tiffany Haddish’s latest reason to celebrate is a two-year, first-look deal she signed with HBO. Add this to the growing list of reasons why 2018 will be one of her biggest years yet. She’s also starring alongside Tracy Morgan in TBS’ The Last OG, which premieres in April. In September, you can catch her with Kevin Hart in Night School. Oh, and she also recently announced dates for her upcoming stand-up tour. Gon ‘head, Tiffany.

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