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Father's Day

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Celebrate dad this year with a gift he didn’t even know he wanted. Father’s Day is June 20 and it’s a yearly reminder to celebrate the dads in your life because, sure, we love them everyday but putting extra effort into making them feel special is only right. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it (unless you want to and in that case, splurge sis).

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The key to finding the right gift for the dad who has everything, is to be thoughtful and get him something useful, a keepsake, or something with sentimental value. If he enjoys a good drink – gift him that special edition bottle for his bar. If he is into grooming products – what’s the product that will keep his waves on swim? If he’s a grill connoisseur, a custom apron might complete his BBQ swag. And if he has expensive taste, designer cologne goes a long way.

As Sunday approaches, there’s still time to order or pick up a last-minute item dad will love. Here’s 10 gifts to show off your thoughtful gift-giving skills.

Jay Z Monogram 

Jay Z Monogram

Source: Monogram / MONOGRAM

This Father’s Day, give the gift of good vibes. If dad is big is a loyal member of the cannabis club, Jay Z’s Monogram brand provides a good smoke in a sleek and luxurious package that dad will want to keep after the high is over. According to the Monogram site, the “No.01 – OG HANDROLL Heavy” is a “cerebral strain to help chill, focus, and confidently tackle obstacles in your path. Complex with a sweet, herby smell upfront that transitions to a skunky finish.”

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The Wave Glyder 

Wave Glyder

Source: Wave Glyder / Wave Glyder

Waves on swim so they hate on him…Looking for a gift for grooming enthusiast on your list? This dad is into his grooming products and is down to try pretty much any product that promises to keep him looking his best. He’ll get a kick out of the Wave Glyder. Created by a Black barber Perry Petit-Beau, the Wave Glyder is Beau’s contribution to the beauty industry.

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D’USSE XO Cognac

D'Usse XO

Source: D’Usse XO / D’Usse XO

Serve swag on the rocks with the D’USSE XO Cognac. The dad in your life who considers himself a bartender will appreciate the fine taste of D’Usse and how it looks on their bar. The designer Black bottle that bears the silver Cross of Lorraine has bold flavors and even bolder style.

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Degree Men Maximum Recovery Epsom Salt + Charcoal Extract Massage Bar

Degree Maximum Recovery Massage Bar Soap Eucalyptus Extract

Source: Degree / Degree

When it comes to the dad who finds solace  in the gym, this massage bar by Degree is great for that after workout shower. Degree Men’s Maximum Recovery massage bar is rough around the edges and makes for the perfect skin buffer and soother while delivering in the scent department. With a dozen other Degree Maximum Recovery products, a basket of similar items will go a long way.

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Plant Daddy Tee From Soil Vibes

plant daddy tee

Source: Soil Vibes /

He’s not a regular plant dad, he’s a cool plant dad and his green thumb is impressive. Gift him a plant kit and “Plant Daddy” shirt from Soil Vibes and enjoy a 10% off coupon for Father’s Day.

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Creed Father’s Day Essential Collection

CREED Father's Day Les Essentiels Coffret Set


Does your dad have expensive taste? If so, chance’s are he’s already in the know about the top fragrances for men because he wears them. He’ll absolutely love this travel size Father’s Day gift set of Creed scents. And if he doesn’t know, he’ll never be the same after one whiff of their signature “Aventus” that is describes as, “a sophisticated fruity and rich scent with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, apple, pineapple, pink berries, birch, patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood, oakmoss, ambergris and vanilla.”

Mind If I Smoke Apron


Source: ‘MIND IF I SMOKE’ apron /

Dad’s love to grill, it’s a fact. He enjoys watching the flame dance and the burgers cook. He might even have a BBQ kit that looks like a suitcase that packs his most valuable grilling tools. Really make his heart smile with his own apron. Go on ‘head and smoke it up dad!

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Lite Boxer


Source: Liteboxer / Liteboxer

The Liteboxer is a full body workout experience that is fun for everyone in the family. If dad loves to box (or turns into a professional cornerman when the fight comes on), he’ll cherish this gift that will last for years. He can sync his workout to his favorite playlist and follow the lights, for an interactive time that will get his blood pumping. Liteboxer is on the more expensive end, but they do offer installment plans so don’t hesitate to give dad a gift that’ll change his fitness experience.

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Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille Candle


Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille Candle,

Source: Tom Ford / Tom Ford

When in doubt, candles are always welcomed. Them make it Tom Ford because Tom Ford has the formula to winning scents. With keynotes like tobacco leaf, vanilla and ginger, this delicious blend looks as luxurious as it smells.

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Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

Source: Amazon /

For the dad who is a movie buff, gift him unlimited movies with the Amazon Fire Stick. Your dad might be old school and still has a collection of DVDs, but wait ’til he plugs this into his TV. The Fire Stick is a great buy because it is compatible with so many streaming service apps. Bye-bye cable.

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