NBA: JAN 28 76ers at Thunder

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Who is the biggest troll in the NBA, you ask? The Sixers’ Joel Embiid, of course.

Embiid is one of the most dominant bigs in the league, and at 23 years old, his potential, once he hits his stride, will be scary, to say the least. But as a talented troll who likes to have fun, there’s always another player who wants to make him eat his words.

A player tries it with Embiid every single game, and last night it was Russell Westbrook. It was the second time the Sixers faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the second time Westbrook took home the dub. But during the game, Embiid shook his man at the top of the key and drove down the lane for a dunk that posterized Westbrook. And as he ran back up court, he stared down at Westbrook on the floor.

When Steven Adams was fouled out, Embiid waved goodbye to him and Westbrook waved right back at him. Then, Westbrook stared at Embiid as the clock ran out at the end of the fourth quarter and the Thunder won, 122-112.

Brodie didn’t let it go, and he still had some words for Embiid after leaving the court. During his post-game presser, he admitted to looking forward to the match-up, especially since their first game went into triple overtime. And Carmelo didn’t hesitate to make a joke about The Process.

Westbrook’s 37 point, 14 assist, 9 rebound stat line also topped Embiid’s 27 points and 10 rebounds.

But Embiid wasn’t going to let a loss stop him from his ritual of taking to Instagram to reminisce about the night’s events. He posted a picture of him dunking on Westbrook with a caption that read, “Tough loss #TheProcess.” He tagged the location—the Thunder’s arena—as “Crime Scene Investigation.”