We taught you how to cook a steak and why healthy smoothies are the wave, so the next logical step has to involve alcohol.

On episode three of “Grown Man Sh*t,” we’re showing you how to keep it classy in a bar. On some grown man sh*t, you already know not to get sloppy drunk at your regular spots because going back is embarrassing as fuck. But tipping correctly is just as important. Bar etiquette 101 involves taking care of your bartender because, in turn, he’ll take care of you.

First things first, introduce yourself to your bartender to get on their good side. You’ll quickly learn the importance of the relationship between a man and the person who serves up his drinks. If it’s a slow night, you could even convince ’em to take a shot (or several) with you. And then comes the fun part, coming up with a generic ass toast that’s got something to do with wealth, prosperity, or just about any Drake lyric. You may finesse a free drink (or several) while getting to know your bartender, so you already know what you’ve gotta do when it comes to closing your tab. Dustin says that if your bartender gives you a free drink, it’s only right to tip them double.

Until then, drink up, and be confident and be cool.

GMS Bartender

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video