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We’ve got yet another classic Black movie you need to watch.

Baby Boy is a coming-of-age hood film from 2001 that follows Jody –played by R&B singer Tyrese— as a 20-year-old living with his mother in South Central Los Angeles. Jody has no interest in growing up, but constantly cheating on his girlfriend and Ving Rhames’ Melvin character acting as a father figure, he’s forced to deal with real life.

We got the homies Mouse Jones and Beanz to chop it up about what the movie means to them spliced in with a bit of toxicity.

Beanz reveals that one of the funniest scenes is Jody waking up and seeing a very naked Ving Rhames cooking up some breakfast in the kitchen. However, Mouse is more concerned with the bad rap that Tyrese’s character gets when it comes to how he treated his girlfriend.

"Baby Boy"

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“I will stand to argue that Yvette put Jody through way more than Jody could ever bear to put her through. Tyrese may have had sex with some random women here and there, but he lied to her to protect her feelings,” explains Mouse. “He told the other women the truth because he didn’t care about them. And what does she do? She got someone from jail calling her house trying to talk to her.”

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“I felt for her, man. She just wanted her own space. She was ready to be a woman, but you can’t really do certain things when you have a grown-ass kid in your house still living in his childhood bedroom,” said Beanz. “Some parents don’t really care and do what they want because it’s their house, but it’s still weird if you’re trying to be intimate and you’ve got your kid across the hall who’s listening in.”

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