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Did Kendrick Lamar Steal an Artists Work for “All the Stars?”

British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor says she was approached to have her work used for Black Panther and declined… but it looks like that didn’t stop her 24-karat gold “Constellations” paintings from showing up in the “All the Stars” music video, and she’s extremely unhappy about it. “Why would they do this?” she said in a phone interview with the New York Times. “It’s an ethical issue, because what the whole film purports is that it’s about black empowerment, African excellence—that’s the whole concept of the story. And at the same time they’re stealing from African artists.”

A letter sent to Top Dawg label head Anthony Tiffith further by Christopher Robinson, one of Viktor’s lawyers, further states: “The infringement of Ms. Viktor’s rights is willful and egregious,”  adding that the artist is willing “to discuss a resolution of all her claims, consisting at a minimum of a public apology for the unauthorized use and a license fee.”

Yasiin Bey Says a New Blackstar Album’s on the Way.

Expect it to drop as soon as this year. “New Black Star with Madlib, Talib Kweli, Yasiin, coming soon!” Bey said during a Madlib DJ set in Denver, Colorado on Sunday. “All Madlib, all day. 2018, Madlib, Black Star. Madlib Black Star.”

Just two months in and it’s already looking like another great year for music. You can listen to the audio clip of his announcement below:

Move Over, Tide Pods. The #IKEAChallenge Is the New Internet Sensation.

What happened to going outside and playing with your neighborhood friends ’til the street lights came on? Apparently, an 11-year-old boy went missing in the UK last week and was found chillin’ out, maxin,’ relaxin’ all cool at IKEA. No, he wasn’t running away from home; it’s a new 24-hour “stay in IKEA overnight and not get caught challenge,” says Kaden Mirza’s father, Abid. If they’re not stuffing Tide Pods into their mouths, then they’re doing something else. Swear kids will do anything for attention these days. The challenge is said to have started back in 2016.

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