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As reported by Variety, a new live-action Pokémon series is currently in “the early days” of development for Netflix,  and Lucifer executive producer Joe Henderson will helm the project. Not much has been revealed with regard to the plot or casting, but the venture is rumored to be in the same vein as the 2019 movie Detective Pikachu. It also should be a good transition for Henderson, whose successful Lucifer series was saved from cancellation by a move from Fox to Netflix and is now in its sixth and final season.

News of the upcoming live-action show comes as other Pokémon shows have recently found a home on Netflix, like Pokémon Journeys and  Pokémon: Indigo League. The streaming service has also taken an interest in bringing other popular anime shows to life, like Cowboy Bebop and One Piece. It appears Netflix is using the live-adaptation approach when it comes to video games, too, with a Resident Evil program on the way as well as the successful series The Witcher.

With Lucifer wrapping up, though, Henderson will have more than just Pokémon to keep him busy. In March, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Netflix agreed to pick up Henderson’s sci-fi comic, Shadecraft, as well. Created with artist Lee Garbett, Shadecraft follows 16-year-old Zadie Lu, who is afraid her shadows may actually be coming to life.

“I love high school stories. That formative time where you’re trying to figure out who you are and everything feels like the end of the world, Henderson explained in an interview with “From Spider-Man to Buffy [the Vampire Slayer], there’s a relatability to it that I think helps ground this story where the impossible comes to life.”

“In particular, for Shadecraft,” he continued, “teenagers are in that weird transition between childhood and adulthood. Where they need to give up their flights of fancy (like, say, shadows coming to life) and face the reality of the future. But at the same time, sometimes there are things in the shadows. It’s an in-between time that’s perfect for this story.”