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Johnny Football wants to come back.

In an interview with Good Morning America Monday (February 12), Heisman Trophy winner and NFL bust revealed what it was like to be on the outs for the past few seasons, his alcohol problem, and his bipolar disorder diagnosis.

He takes medication for the disorder after being diagnosed about a year ago and is ready to get back on the field now that he’s gotten his mental health under control.

“At the end of the day, I can’t help that my wires are a little bit differently crossed than yours, I can’t help my mental makeup of the way that I was created. But I know if I stay on these meds and I continue to do what I am doing right now … I think my dad, my mom, I think [girlfriend Bre Tiesi], would all agree that they see a drastic change,” Manziel said.

Manziel was at the top of his game in 2012 when he won the Heisman Trophy as quarterback for Texas A&M, the first ever freshman to hoist up the trophy. Soon after, he was drafted to the lackluster Cleveland Browns. After two unimpressive seasons, he was released. He began drinking more and paparazzi constantly caught him entering and leaving nightclubs. After he was charged with domestic violence, he realized that he needed to stop drinking.

“You are left staring at the ceiling by yourself and in that depression and back in that dark hole of sitting in a room by yourself, super depressed, thinking about all the mistakes you made in your life. What did that get me? Where did that get me except out of the NFL? Where did that get me? Disgraced,” he said.

Now he’s ready to rejoin the league. He says that he’s been trying out for NFL teams in hopes of getting back on the field soon so he can do the thing that brings him joy: play football.