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The mushiest holiday of the year is behind us. That’s right, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day. But don’t think that’s the only day you’re supposed to show bae she’s the only #WCW you’ll ever love. Keep the romance flowing. One of the easiest ways to ignite that V-Day vibe throughout the year is to keep candles on deck. Why? Well, according to candle bad ass and creator of Vela Bougie, Sharla Brown, candles are instant mood shifters for the ladies. “Candles bring a sense of joy and calm to a room. They transport women to a magical place where we feel loved and comforted. We are sensual beings, so it’s natural that we gravitate towards these powerful mood shifters.”

So where does one find these powerful panty drop—errr…mood shifters and how do you know which ones to choose? Brown says the key is to be thoughtful and pay attention to your lady’s everyday fly. “Women want to know bae spent time choosing a fragrant candle especially for her. Take a hint from her personal style and/or home décor.  Does she like clean lines, light or bright colors?  What about her signature perfume?  Pay special attention to what you smell first – are the notes fresh or floral, fruity, citrusy or earthy, heavy or light?  Choosing a candle that “matches her fly” will make her heart smile – and that smile is the ultimate investment.

Still not sure where to start? Lucky for you, CASSIUS has rounded up four Black-owned candle companies perfect for keeping your special nights lit. Open up a bottle of wine, throw on one of her favorite rom-coms and make sure a candle is simmering in the background…and watch what happens.


Vela Bougie

Movie Pairing: Coming to America

Brand owner Sharla Brown knows a thing or two about the power of scents. If you’re looking for a night that will have you “Drunk in Love,” make sure you pick up “The Night Cap.” This sweet but woodsy scent smells like the smoothest dark liquor, leaving you intoxicated and longing for more.


228 Grant Street Candle Co.

Movie Pairing: Love and Basketball

Hand poured by owner Kendal Brown, 228 Grant Street represents the gritty streets of Baltimore County, but these candles will transport you to a place far more seductive. If bae loves a good beach getaway, light a few “Island Mango” candles to bring your love back to those sun-filled days on the beach where the only people that mattered were you two.


The 125th Collection

Movie Pairing: Love Jones

Harlem-based creators Joy Fennell and Valerie Wray believe that the true way to a woman’s heart is through words. That’s why their candle collection is laced with a variety of quotes that will let your lady know exactly how you feel. A little tongue-tied? The “I Know You Didn’t Give Me Permission To” candle is sure to say exactly what’s in your heart and on your mind.


Gavin Luxe

Movie Pairing: Brown Sugar

The line’s founders believe that the right oil blends can speak to your soul. That’s why they take so much pride in the scents they create for their candles. The God(dess) Collection was created to celebrate love, beauty and sensuality, through custom blended sensual fragrances and essential oils that embody the spirit of each deity. The “Aphrodite” is sure to bring out bae’s inner goddess/Beyoncé’ to give you a night of pleasure you won’t soon forget.