Resy, one of the leaders in dining reservation, shared their findings in the dating habits of the public ahead of Valentine's Day.

Terrell Owens was one the most outspoken players in the NFL, and his opinions have continued to ruffle feathers. Owens hasn’t played in the league since 2012, but he’s remained relevant and recently hopped on Instagram Live with Chad Ochocinco. The conversation between the two former NFL players quickly turned to dating as TO explained […]

Dating and voting don’t always go together but when they do, the results can be powerful. At least that’s the premise for the in-app election center offered by the dating app BLK, which connects young, Black singles. The in-app Election Center was added on Tuesday, Sept. 20 on National Voter Registration Day, in conjunction with […]

In a segment for Vanity Fair, the rapper, author, actor, and businessman took a lie detector test and answered some pretty hilarious questions.

We want to see Chloe with someone who is strong, passionate, and ambitious — just like she is. Head inside for the young bachelors we have in mind.


Dating has always been a gamble, but no one expects to get robbed by the end of the night.


Future's latest lady is a gorgeous rapper from Georgia ... allegedly.