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The brief time point guard Isaiah Thomas spent with the Cleveland Cavaliers after being traded from Boston for Kyrie Irving had one common denominator — team captain LeBron James was the alleged catalyst. According to NBA analyst Chris Broussard, Thomas had “no love” for James and felt like he was being treated as an inferior.

During a segment on FS1’s Undisputed series Tuesday (Feb. 13), Broussard spoke about the trade that sent Thomas to the Lakers, just as he was working himself back into playing shape after being on the shelf for much of the season.  In the discussion, Broussard said that sources close to Thomas informed him that he grew tired of the atmosphere in Cleveland which may have hastened the trade.

“I was talking to somebody yesterday close to Isaiah, and they said, He has absolutely no love at all for LeBron,” Broussard said. “He felt like LeBron talked down to him when he was there.”

Broussard was apparently sparked to offer that tidbit after reports came forth that Thomas has taken slight digs on social media at James, which include him mentioning that a practice session with his new teammates was the first real one he’s had, and liking an Instagram video that showed former Cavaliers and current Boston Celtics star Irving scoring on James.

James has tried taking the high road, despite the rumors he’s a high maintenance team killer.

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