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In light of the surging sneaker marketplace, there is a corresponding need to verify if consumers are purchasing the real deal. The new Deadstock App, launched July 15 for both iOS and Android platforms, looks to provide enthusiasts with peace of mind thanks to its patent-pending “HeatCheck” technology.

With many other competitors, buyers and sellers have to send in the wares only to wait days (or months) for an answer. On top of that, reliance on human review introduces the element of human error, which can lead to all kinds of disputes. But with “HeatCheck,” everything on the website undergoes inspection by their own “expert authenticators, as well as by using AI-backed technology and Blockchain systems paired with NFC tags.” The feature even allows sneakerheads to check out their kicks from home, so you can know if your gear is genuine or not, without the hassle of sending them first.

The Deadstock app will also allow users to trade other accessories besides sneakers, request same-day shipping for certain items, and receive 24/7 customer service, so someone on standby to see orders get processed. The company has an affiliate program as well, whereby users can promote their own items for sale and receive commissions as well.

In celebration of the app and these new programs, Deadstock set up a giveaway contest that runs through October 15. Winners are eligible for a range of gifts, including cash prizes up to $50K, collectibles, an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, or even a 2021 Toyota Supra. Go to to learn more about the HeatCheck feature, the Deadstock giveaway, and how to download the app.