Adidas now confirms that after the latest drop of Yeezys that they will not move forward with selling any of the merchandise without the Yeezy logos.

As the world now knows, Kanye West went on a classic antisemitic tear some months back that ultimately cost him his deal with Adidas.

The sneaker game’s grown tremendously over the past decade, but now it’s time to learn how it all began. Thanks to a new docuseries directed by Sean Menard, The Sneaker Boom, will delve into the basketball sneaker marketing world of the 1990s. The docuseries–already in post-production–will dig deep into the NBA’s global takeover that began […]

The sought-after Jordan 1 colorway was the latest Shock Drop by Nike, giving fans who could not cop a pair on Nov. 19 another chance at them.

NBA legend George Gervin has beef with Ralph Lauren. He’s suing the prolific designer for $2M.

Teyana Taylor continues her run of dominance over the fashion, music and art worlds with her new collaboration with Nike.

Sneaker Con has become one of the biggest events for shoe heads in the world, which has led to people trying to get a buck in one too many ways. One of those ways is mystery boxes, where someone buys a sneaker box and is unaware of what’s inside. The price is flat, but the […]


“We know we have more to do. New Yorkers must be safe based on the stats, and they must feel safe based on what they’re seeing. That is my obligation: to ensure that safety is felt.” NYC Mayor Eric Adams at a Jan. 5, 2023 conference, two days before the Harlem attack

Eastbay announced their shut down which will take place at the end of December, and sneakerhead Twitter has already sounded off RIPs.

The rapper turned TV and film star was well known during his 'Fresh Prince' years for having the "freshest" kicks of the time. He says that he had no idea that his personal desire for the best sneakers available would turn out to be so impactful.