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McDonald's Saweetie Meal

Source: McDonald’s / McDonald’s

If your favorite artist hasn’t got a McDonald’s meal yet, Twitter has some ideas.

In an effort to find new fans and delve deeper into untapped markets, the fast-food brand has worked with artists like J. Balvin, BTS, Travis Scott, and most recently, Saweetie. The collaboration is usually the musician’s favorite unique foods from the already existing menu to create a special and affordable meal. Saweetie’s was the most eyebrow-raising, and if you’re familiar with her social media eating habits, her putting chicken nuggets and sweet and sour sauce on her Big Mac actually sounds pretty tame.

But now, Twitter has many other ideas for their favorite rappers and singers if McDonald’s corporate office needs some new celebrities to collaborate with. Window workers typically have a regular greeting at the drive-thru by welcoming you and promptly asking for your order but Twitter users got creative and through in some of their favorite lyrics.

Check out some of the best reactions below:

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McDonald's Saweetie Meal
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