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Grand Marnier X Luxe Fete Social On Holiday Collection

Source: Grand Marnier / Luxe Fete Social

The global pandemic has shifted many businesses to reimagine their offerings while also being aware of how it has affected the ways we gather in social settings. Grand Marnier and Luxe Fête Social recently launched a limited-edition collaboration that addresses that particular need in a beautifully curated experience in Luxe Fête Social, which is inspired by the holiday traditions of the French.

Spirit.Ed’s D.L. Chandler had the pleasure of briefly speaking with Nathalie Cadet-James, an event planner and studio designer who founded Luxe Fête, which primarily focused on lavish wedding settings. With the pandemic surging and weddings all but stopped as a result, Cadet-James had to resurface a concept that was in the works years before. Enter Luxe Fête Social, a pared-down and high-luxury concept that takes social gatherings back to their intimate roots.

Luxe Fête Social launched earlier this year in March and takes on the French tradition of going “On Holiday” as many residents of the European nation vacation in the late summer months before fall sets in. Luxe Fête Social offers six reusable table and picnic settings with all of the things you’ll need including cutlery, glassware, blankets, decorations, and more.

The Grand Marnier X Luxe Fête Social On Holiday collection is an absolutely stunning picnic for two and includes a wood cheese board, cheese markets, decorative flowers, corresponding vases, a picnic basket, wine glasses, Collins glasses, plate settings, and recipes for a Grand Collings and a Grand Sangria Blanche. Perfect for a nice evening in an open field or under starry skies and maybe even the deck of your home, the On Holiday collection will impress your date or loved one via its sheer craftsmanship alone.

As we noted earlier, Cadet-James graciously answered a few questions about the On Holiday collection and more.

CASSIUS: Can you explain the fundamental differences between Luxe Fête and Luxe Fête Social? I understand that the original incarnation was tailored for wedding and event planning, and Social was born this year as the pandemic raged on. Please share the finer points that differentiate the two.

Nathalie Cadet-James: That’s a great question. Luxe Fete is our event planning company. We design and produce events around the world. Luxe Fête Social is our dinner party in a box company. We make the joys of entertaining effortless by packaging all the essentials in one box. My mission in both companies is the same – foster meaningful connection.

C: The summer months are made for outdoor dining and picnics, and this Grand Marnier collaboration puts an emphasis on “partir en vacances” as the French do. Tell us more about your Grand Marnier + Luxe Fête Social picnic collection.

NCJ: Absolutely! The Grand Marnier collaboration with Luxe Fête is an elevated take on the French ‘On Holiday’ experience. The synergies between the two brands are truly amazing. At Luxe Fête Social, we want to create an experience unlike any other, and leaning into Grand Marnier’s mantra of “Live Grand”, we were able to create an offering that allows customers to really level up their picnic experience with just one click.

When choosing the items that would be in the collection, we sought to include pieces that really spoke to the brand and created a seamless experience for the recipient. The ‘On Holiday’ Collection includes a ton of décor items to create the perfect picnic setting, while also highlight signature Grand Marnier drinks such as the Grand Collins and Grand Sangria.

C: Picnics can be romantic and intimate. How much did your experience as a wedding planner factor in how you designed the Grand Marnier + Luxe Fête Social picnic collection?

I am the type of person who sees the vision of what I want and knows exactly how I want to get there. My experience as a wedding planner allowed me to really look at the more granular elements of a collection (i.e. the details) to create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on my customers. The same magic that is felt the first time a couple sees their wedding vision come to life is the same magic I wanted to create in the ‘On Holiday’ collection.

C: Beyond the collaboration, what other table setting themes do you offer, and can you share a bit about their inspiration?

NCJ: In addition to the ‘On Holiday’ collection, we also offer our ‘Dinner Party in a Box’ offering which includes themed table settings, decor, conversation starters, and Spotify music playlists curated by me! This collection is perfect for special occasions whether it be a birthday, wedding, virtual gala, or even a date night.

C: Lastly, and most importantly, how do you take your Grand Marnier?

NCJ: There are so many ways to enjoy Grand Marnier, but most recently I’ve been enjoying a Grand Margarita, a classic cocktail with an exceptional spin that I find perfect for the warm summer months.

The collection has recipes for two cocktails along with the proper glassware and the recipes can be found below.

Grand Collins

Grand Marnier X Luxe Fete Social

Source: Grand Marnier / Luxe Fete Social

1.5 oz Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge

.75 oz Lemon Juice

1 Bar Spoon Simple Syrup

Top with Soda Water

Lemon Wheel Garnish

Build in a Collins glass over ice

Garnish with a lemon wheel

Grand Sangria Blanche

Grand Marnier X Luxe Fete Social

Source: Grand Marnier / Luxe Fete Social

1 part Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge

4 parts white wine (Pinot Grigio)

2 ripe peaches, pitted and cut into eight wedges

1 orange, thinly sliced

1 lime, thinly sliced

Add all ingredients in a punch bowl or pitcher. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours before serving. Serve in a wine glass over ice

The Grand Marnier X Luxe Fête Social On Holiday collection is listed at $250.00 and can be purchased by following this link.

To learn more about Grand Marnier and to locate where the product can be obtained in your respective areas, please follow this link.

Grand Marnier X Luxe Fete Social

Source: Grand Marnier / Luxe Fete Social

Photo: Grand Marnier