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At times, you need nature’s tranquility to ease the stress of working in The Big Apple. That’s exactly what the CASSIUS team attempts, as they pack up their 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade and hit the road to bond with Mother Nature during their Outdoor Lituation. Armed with the essentials: their streets smarts, fabulously fierce fashion sense and selfie sticks, these city slickers begin a camping adventure unlike any other.

The scrappy bunch is immediately forced to rough it in the wilderness with the “guidance” of First Class Ranger Rashid and his trusty, but oddly immobile, companion, Carl. Team CASSIUS soon discovers the peace and relaxation they’re desperately seeking is harder to attain—and get a hilarious crash course in the fruits Mother Nature comes to bear.

Take a look at part one of Outdoor Lituation, above.

And before you decide to plan your own rendezvous with Mother Nature, peep our handy Outdoor Lituation guide here.