Tamar Braxton wears many hats in the entertainment industry. After her big break in music, she went on to release solo albums, star in her very own reality TV show, and became a co-host for talk shows.

That said, the second episode of TV One’s Uncensored gives everyone a whole lot more Tamar than you’d expect. She began by talking about her childhood. “I like to say I’m a country girl,” she says. “A lot of laughter, a lot of love, a lot of singing, a lot of cooking.”

She also remembers singing for imaginary crowds, forming relationships with her sisters, and growing up in a home filled with faith and love. The hard times also come back to her, though. She once believed her parents had the perfect marriage, but then Tamar watched their relationship fall apart after her mother found out about her father’s affair. It all pains her to this day. She grew up as a “daddy’s girl,” but didn’t speak to her father for eight years after learning of his affair. It also forced her to no longer see her mother as mom, but a fellow woman.

Musically, Braxton desired to sing at a very young age. “I knew that I wanted to be a singer when I was about five or six years old and that’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to be,” she said. “I never in a zillion years thought it would not happen for me. I knew this was my destiny.”

From sister Toni finding fortune and fame as a solo artist to not getting the opportunities she wanted, Tamar learned to accept that she had to play to her strengths. “I had to learn that just because you’re a fan of a genre of music does not mean this is the genre of music that you’re supposed to be singing,” she explained.

Later, Tamar detailed the success of her WE TV reality show, Braxton Family Values. She claimed watching the show led her to improving things about herself as a person and as a sister. She also touched on getting fired from The Real, and how the show went from being centered around her, to ultimately forcing her out the door. “I’m not mad at anybody,” she said.” I’m hurt.”

Finally, Braxton opened up about the chance visit to a doctor that may very well have saved her life. During her stint with Dancing With the Stars, it was discovered that she had multiple blood clots throughout her body. “I remember instantly thinking about my child and my life being over,” she said. “And that was hard, that was really hard.”

She has since overcome and now looks to balance her health with her success, focusing only on walking away from every job knowing that she’s done her best.

Her brush with death helped inspire her 2017 album, Bluebird of Happiness. In creating the album, she explained she was looking for her spirit. Apparently, she’s found it.

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