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What does it mean to be unapologetic? Is it about never backing down or saying sorry? Nope, not that simple.

An “Unapologetic” is a game-changer and a student of history, a do-er and a dreamer. They can be an unrepentant sex kitten or the reserved introverted type, but they’re always gonna be their truest selves without (much) regret.

Check out our list of the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for the sort of bad-assed, unbossed, unbought and unbothered folk we aspire to be here at CASSIUS and get inspired.

1Thou must never place any other culture above thine own: You can appreciate, honor and share in the culture of others—you should, quite frankly. However, don’t create and lose yourself in the image of someone else because you are ashamed of who you are. Be true to who you are and where you come from.

2Thou shalt understand that ‘wokeness’ isn’t a trend; it’s a way of life. You can’t be an Unapologetic if you don’t know what you should be unapologetic about. Know yourself, your history and what you stand for. And practice the shit you preach.

3Thou must know that everyone is problematic, not just the last person to be dragged by social media, but you too: Unapologetics recognize their flaws and complications. They own their contradictions and strive to correct them. No one is perfect, and treating ‘social consciousness’ like some sort of Olympic sport isn’t going to make the world a better place.

4Thou must master the art of the clapback: A true Unapologetic can break any person, place or thing down to the white meat in 140 characters or less—on or offline—but only if you deserve it. Clapping back isn’t about embarrassing innocent parties or overreacting, but, rather, keeping your cool and outwitting opponents when necessary.

5 Thou shalt honor the ancestors and the originators: You didn’t invent hip-hop, feminism, reading, shade, drag, soul food, the newest hip hop dance…no matter how much you may feel you’ve contributed to the creation of something new, someone did it first. Unapologetics study and respect the architects of culture, even as others improve upon the design.

6Thou must be sex positive: It’s 2017 and Unapologetics left the stereotypes and shaming back in the past where they belong. Bust it open as wide as you want or keep your legs securely shut. Either way, do what pleases YOU and respect the right of others to do the same.

7Thou gotta know the difference between selling out and getting paid: Unapologetics will not sell their souls, nor their people, for profit. However, they will leverage their creative genius, their intelligence and/or their work to make a life for themselves.

8Thou shalt create, not covet: Unapologetics are trendsetters, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t inspired by others. However, unlike those pesky culture vultures, we give credit when it’s due. We draw our biggest inspiration from the reservoirs of our own creativity. We create the movements, the knowledge, the fashions and the art that changes the game, period.

9Thou must not be unapologetic about the wrong shit: Everyone says “I’m sorry” at some point. An Unapologetic doesn’t double down when they’ve messed up nor are they proudly standing for something undeserving of support. Being a jackass doesn’t make you an Unapologetic. It makes you…a jackass.

10 Thou must believe that ALL Black Lives Matter: Period.