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The turtleneck gawd has returned to bless you with more grown man sh*t.

This week’s episode is about that paper, boy. While technology allows us to cram our pockets with less stuff that handles more things, cash is still king. Impressing ladies with the American Express is fun, but on some grown man sh*t, you always gotta have cash on you.

Dustin says keeping some paper in your front pocket is a must. If you’re at the strip club, you can’t be struggling to pull a stack out of your back pocket, unless you want to look like a loser. Plus, have you ever heard of someone getting pickpocketed from their front pocket? Exactly.

Need to pay off your girlfriend so your wife doesn’t find out she exists? There can’t be a paper trail, because trails are meant to be found. You know what you have to do.

With cash on you at all times, you can always buy time. And that’s some grown man sh*t.

Grown Man Shit Cash

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