A sleepy driver and a truck full of money made for an unusual theft in Philadelphia this week.

Zendaya’s bag just got a little bigger. A film and TV industry outlet is reporting that the 'Euphoria' star is now earning close to $1 million per episode of the hit HBO show.

Jay-Z and Bacardi's D'USSÉ cognac brand are not seeing eye to eye despite their 50-50 partnership which has been ongoing since 2012.

Another day, another fine investment in the Carter household.

Depending on whether you're an employee or business owner could drastically change things, and getting a real deal CPA (Certified Public Accountant) could be the difference between getting a nice chunk of change via your tax return or owing. Either way, we've got you covered to make you're doing things correctly thanks to CPA, tax planning extraordinaire, and author Michel Valbrun.

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Johnny Nelson is proudly known as the man designing fine jewelry in NYC since 2017 but his fascination with jewelry started way before that and was always intertwined with hip hop. Growing up in New York, he credits the sights in his Brooklyn borough as his first inspiration, “the iconic neighborhood jewelers that elevated Hip-Hop Culture in the 80s and 90s”.

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Erin Ashley is a true student of the game. From consoles to countries to customs, she can engage with any subset within the e-sports industry. A self-described nerd, she believes in listening more than talking and investing the effort to learn how to communicate with people she may not immediately identify with, a habit spurred off of the need for reciprocity when people interact with the Black and Latinx communities.

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Author, marketer, and activist, Fred is clear on where he stands. He wants abolishment not reform of oppressive systems. “I think the distinction is important because reforming systems essentially means negative things happening occasionally, destroying systems gives us the opportunity to make sure negative things don't happen”. Blessed with the ability to connect, he is equal parts stern and empathetic.

We have heard far too many times the story of the entertainer who was once rolling in cash being down bad and hard-pressed for a dollar. Tallahassee, Florida’s very own T-Pain is the latest rapper to have a testimony about his fall from glory. In what seems like common practice in the entertainment industry, T-Pain […]

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