Rick Ross Hosts Gold Room

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Earlier reports from TMZ revealed that Rick Ross was hospitalized Thursday morning when he was “found unresponsive” by an emergency medical team in his Florida home. But the outlet’s recent report suggests that the situation is even more dire.

TMZ has reported that Ross is now hooked up to a machine that has “fully taken over the function of his heart and lungs.” The report continues that Ross is in the cardiac unit of a Miami area hospital, which may possibly indicate that the rapper suffered a heart attack. The machine Ross is reportedly hooked up to is called an ECMO, which oxygenates blood outside of the body, and then pumps it back in. TMZ’s report concludes that, “It’s essentially a form of life support, and a clear sign of how dire Rick’s situation is right now.”

Ross, 42 has a history of suffering multiple seizures, prompting him to lose over 75 pounds thanks to a healthy diet and fitness routine. “I’m happy,” he told Men’s Health in September 2016. “I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places.”

We wish him the speediest recovery.