Eric B & Rakim Portrait Session

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Eric B. & Rakim Are Going on Their First Tour Together in Over 20 Years.

“It’s time to show you,” the duo tweeted from their official Twitter account on Tuesday morning. The tour announcement comes after last year’s reunion tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of Paid in Full, and it looks like things kick off on April 8.

Check out the list of dates below:

Will & Jaden Smith Are Giving Back to Flint.

You may or may not be familiar with JUST, an eco-friendly water brand founded by the Smiths in 2015. According to local news publication MLive, the company will donate water to Flint each month until lead levels decrease. So far, the company has reportedly donated 9,200 bottles of water.

“This just makes sense for us to do. Jada Smith has visited Flint and met with the mayor. Flint is very dear to her heart,” JUST CEO Ira Laufer told MLive. “After reading more about [Flint’s] challenges and the mayor objecting to pulling bottled water from the schools, we thought ‘Let’s help these kids.'”

Check Out the Dictionary’s Latest Additions.

Merriam-Webster just added 850 new words to its dictionary, including “mansplain,” “hate-watch,” and tons of other culturally relevant terms. They’re not trying to be Urban Dictionary, though.

“We, as a dictionary, are not looking in real time. We are kind of a lag indicator, in financial terms,” Merriam-Webster editor-at-large Peter Sokolowski explained to NPR. “We are really interested in the terms that are here to stay, that we are very unlikely to ever take away from the dictionary.”

See what else they added.

Chance the Rapper Says His New Songs with Gambino Are “Amazing.”

Rumors of a joint project weren’t exactly true, though. “We perpetuated that rumor for a long time without recording anything,” Chance said while laughing during Pitchfork‘s “In Sight Out” in Chicago. “We did link up in Atlanta and record some tracks.”

Can we get that collaborative EP anyway?

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