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The Obamas may soon secure the bag at Netflix.

Barack and Michelle Obama are in talks to start developing “high-profile” shows for the streaming service, The New York Times reported.  The proposed deal, though reportedly not final yet, would allow the former first couple to call some major shots on the platform. They would be able to provide exclusive content to Netflix’s 118 million subscribers across the globe.

But what kind of shows could we see from Barack and Michelle? The couple is looking to produce “inspirational” projects, sources have said, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

Here are some possible show ideas that would help the Obamas give an inspirational remix to Netflix and chill nights:

Political Power Plays

Reportedly, the Obamas don’t want to use the platform to take down Trump. But what about a show that spotlights politicians of color who are looking to make history across the nation? They could spotlight folks like Stacey Abrams and her run for Georgia Governor, or Compton Mayor Aja Brown, who will run against Stacey Dash for Congress.

Keys to Success

Barack and Michelle could choose to follow in DJ Khaled‘s steps and offer a show that provides daily success tips to people. They could tackle a number of areas, from health to wealth to careers, and give personal advice to help people on the come up.

Black Girl Magic, Black Boy Joy

The Obamas are great at relating to the kids, right? Michelle Obama recently threw a dance party for two-year-old toddler Parker Curry that went viral. The special little girl was so inspired by the former first lady’s official portrait. Why not have a show that focuses on talented and successful children doing big things?

Viral #Inspo

Perhaps a show about the viral videos that inspire others online may work? Oftentimes, these videos tell the stories of people who are working to entertain, challenge or change the world. They could tell the stories of many activists, who words and images often go viral.

Chicago Corner

The Chi is such a huge success, and the Obamas could do something to honor Michelle’s hometown. They could tell some of the narratives that provide hope in the city and look at some of Chicago’s activists and their work.


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