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The lenient sentence that a white former college student got on Monday for harassing her Black roommate by smearing body fluids on her belongings didn’t sit well with the victim, who took to social media to speak on the case. Brianna Brochu was sentenced to probation that would allow her criminal record to be expunged, the Hartford Courant reported, prompting Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe to take to social media to speak on the decision.

“Let me make this very clear for those who are trying to tell me I agree with what just went down today,” Rowe tweeted on Monday. “I do not agree with the decision that was made today. She had little to no punishment in my eyes.”

Tons of folks have supported Rowe with the Twitter hashtag, #JusticeForJazzy since the disturbing incident. Brochu had put blood from a used tampon on Rowe’s backpack, tampered with her lotion, licked her dishware and more, she admitted to police after posting Instagram messages. Rowe detailed her “nightmares” over the incidents on social media, calling them “acts of hate.”

Hate crime charges were proposed by the NAACP, but Brochu avoided them. However, she was kicked out of the University of Hartford before being charged by West Hartford police for breach of peace and criminal mischief, the charges that may be cleared as part of her criminal record. She also previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Under the probation or “accelerated rehabilitation” agreement, Brochu will have to complete 200 hours of community service, including 50 at a literacy organization in Greater Hartford and 50 at a social services group. If she successfully finishes those requirements and stays out of trouble with the law, the charges against her will be dismissed after two years, the Courant reported.

Brochu also cannot contact Rowe and must submit to a mental health evaluation, the outlet said.

NAACP President Scot X. Esdaile still believes that Brochu should have been charged with a hate crime. “There’s a system for white people and there’s a system for black people,” he said about the case, which the charges made against Brochu will possibly still follow her into the future. “That’s what we face every day.”


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