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Kanye West once rapped, “What you think I rap for, to push a f-ckin’ Rav 4?” But these days, it looks like the Grammy award-winning musician is adopting a more plebian approach to travel. He was recently spotted catching an economy flight from Los Angeles’ LAX airport, and passengers were stunned to see Ye moving around like one of them. A few even snapped photos of themselves with him.

Canadian entertainer Goody Grace (real name Branson Gudmundson) was headed to West’s hometown of Chicago, IL, for his own tour, and Grace couldn’t hide his excitement at meeting the DONDA rapper. He posted a pic of himself sitting next to Ye on Twitter, and for IG, he wrote, “it’s not everyday you’re boarding a flight to start your first headline tour in 3 years & have a great conversation with a legend. shout out the goat @kanyewest & the universe for these moments. 🖤∞.”

Houston rapper Vory, who guest features on three DONDA songs, seemed surprised to see West at the airport among the commoners, too. However, he acknowledged that West said it might happen. “[Kanye] told me he was flying solo commercial,” Vory replied to Grace’s post on IG, “i did not believe it omg 😭😭.”

While the moment may have the aura of a publicity stunt, West actually spoke about taking economy flights in the past. In a 2015 interview with The Breakfast Club, he talked about the illusion of classes, particularly with regard to flying commercial.

“We were born into a world that was separated by class and race or religion,” West told the cast (around the 10:00 mark). “So class is one of the things that people want: you wanna be upper-class, you wanna be first class, but in a plane crash, everybody’s dead. It ain’t no class it’s just a whole crash.”

He later added, “We [rappers] can take private [jets], but we really wanna be in the airport, we wanna be next to people. I get inspiration when I see what people are wearing, I get inspiration when I see what people are going through.”