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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member Apryl Jones has some harsh word for her children’s father, Omarion. In a slew of Twitter posts, Jones gave some insight into a “man” that was all about himself instead of his family. “A narcissist would rather impress a stranger than be loved by his woman and children…that’s deep,” Jones says.

She follows up with what appears to be a contradiction, focusing on “a man who doesn’t love himself” (this seems like the opposite of a narcissist, but we’re no experts).

When one L&HH cast member, Zach O’Steen, tries to challenge Jones on her beliefs, she says that simply respecting a women is only one tiny piece to treating a woman right.

Since Jones and Omarion split up, they seemed to be in a positive space, even hosting a birthday party for their youngest child. However, these string of tweets imply something negative is brewing. Is this a passive aggressive message for the R&B singer? We’ll let you decide.