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Internet entertainer and manifester-in-chief B. Simone is known for stirring up controversy, much of the time, over things it’s weird people even care about. Recently, B. Simone announced that she’d be charging viewers $10 to view her vacay in Mexico via her Close Friends posts on her Instagram story.

“VIP ONLY. If you aren’t on my close friends you are truly missing out!” she said in her IG video. “I’m heading to Mexico in two days you don’t wanna miss this! All my vacation footage be on my close friends. LINK IN BIO! You will be added within 48 hours. Good luck.”

Imagine paying a fee to view someone’s travel pics and videos in a social media sea of famous and non-famous people posting their travel pics and videos for free. It’s like OnlyFans for people who like the Discovery Chanel more than sex.

Obviously, a lot of people were less than amused by the idea of paying to view B. Simone’s or anyone’s IG posts.

According to Yahoo Life, one IG user responded to her announcement saying, “Girl please we in a pandemic and losing jobs and y’all wanna sustain a status by trying to dig in our pockets how bout we start charging y’all IG celebs to even want to be a follower of urs stop begging us and get a gig this ain’t it sis move around.”

This person’s flagrant disregard for punctuation aside, many responded to B. Simone’s post with the same general degree of contempt, but B. Simone made it clear that she doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings as long as there are those who are actually forking over that money.

“It’s 1.40$ a day, relax,” she said in response to the backlash. “And 3000 plus people (and counting) seem to want this content! If you don’t want to be on my close friends them I’m not talking to you [shrug emoji] see you 3k people in Mexico.”


Many on social media showed support for B. Simone and agreed that as long as people are willing to pay—why knock her hustle? There are worse things a person could do to earn 30 racks, after all.

Others weren’t mad at B. Simone for charging viewers, they were shocked and appalled that people would pay.

So what do yall think? Did B. Simone scam her viewers, or did she give us a lesson on innovative ways to make good money?