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It’s been roughly four months since TV personality La La Anthony filed for divorce in June, ending her 11-year marriage to NBA great Carmelo Anthony, and, for the first time since the split, she has opened up publicly about the drama, the pain, and her personal journey throughout the experience.

During a recent appearance on The Angie Martinez ShowAnthony said that she still has her “moments” where thinking and talking about the split with her ex-husband can be a little too much to bear, “for the most part, I can talk about it now and laugh about it and find the humor in it all.”

“To a lot of people, it feels like this single thing is new,” Anthony told her longtime friend Martinez. “It’s been years now that we’ve separated, so I’ve dealt with the emotions behind it.”

But there was a time when the wounds from the breakup were far too fresh, and the relationship itself was far too public for Anthony to be able to articulate her feelings about it all as freely as she can now.

“I was bad because it was public,” she said. “I was bad because there were other people involved. I was bad because there were allegations. It got bad.”

According to Page Six, much of the drama surrounding the couple’s marriage revolved around rumors and allegations that Carmelo was unfaithful. In 2019, the Veteran L.A. Laker was spotted on a yacht with another woman on La La’s birthday. At the time, Carmelo denied having any affair with the woman, but that wasn’t enough to stop the gossip from spreading or to save his marriage.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” La La told Martinez. “Even a lawyer said once, ‘Well, he’s a basketball player—what did you expect?’ And I’m like, ‘To be honest, I didn’t expect that.’ I didn’t go into this marriage expecting that. So I was caught off guard.”

But things are better for the Power and BMF star as she has now “dealt with her emotions” and even gone to therapy to in order to do so.

“It would be hard,” she said of her therapy sessions. “But I would come out feeling lighter and better…I was with him for 15 years, so that was hard.”

As for possibilities of her tying the knot with anyone again in the future, La La’s attitude is basically, “Nah,” unless the groom happens to be the end all be all of men who are perfect for her.

“Marriage, I don’t think I could ever do that again,” she said. “It would have to be some amazing person, but I don’t know what God has in store for me. I’m just living and taking care of my son, and whatever’s supposed to be will be.”