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One man was injured in Austin, Texas on Tuesday night after a blast went off in a residential neighborhood. According to CNN, a man in his 30’s was severely injured and rushed to a nearby hospital.

An undisclosed official who spoke to The Washington Post said the bomb targeted a Goodwill drop-off box. Authorities say “there’s no reason to believe” the latest blast was related to an explosion that occurred earlier.

The latest denotation is the sixth in a string of explosions.

The city of San Antonio is recovering after an explosion occurred near a local FedEx facility. This is the second round of bombings in a short period time taking place in Texas, with the first series of blasts happening in Austin, Texas earlier this month.

CNN reports that local officials think the bomb explosion that rocked a San Antonio, Texas FedEx facility is possibly linked to the four bombings that occurred in Austin in recent weeks. As the story is still developing, there are no suspects or motives, however the FBI is thoroughly investigating the case and reported early on that no injuries were sustained.

Meanwhile, authorities are still searching tirelessly for clues to the four Austin explosions. So far, they have uncovered an obvious link between the first three bombings that all involved cardboard packages that were found in front yards or on porches. The fourth explosion was different, as it was set off by a tripwire and injured two men at the scene.

Given the rise of racially motivated crimes, three members of the Congressional Black Caucus called for federal officials to classify the bombings as terrorist attacks and determine whether they are “ideologically or racially motivated.”

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