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The fictional Baltimore robber Omar Little (played by the late Michael K. Williams in The Wire) had an oft-quoted saying: “You come at the king, you best not miss.” Sports analyst Richard Jefferson is among the best when it comes to roasting people, so a former NBA ball boy tried to top Jefferson at his own game and took shots at the commentator. Unfortunately for the lad, however, he missed.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, the former ball boy said that RJ was “always condescending” and was “the biggest jerk I met.” The retired 17-year NBA veteran clearly took personal offense at his comment, though, and had none of his usual sarcasm when he clapped back at the fellow.

“Normally, I don’t address things… You keep reposting this, so you want attention,” Jefferson started off his response. “But I don’t think you really want this attention. So let’s tell everybody the truth. What he is saying is true. I never interacted with him. But let’s explain why.”

RJ pulled up a clip of the ball boy, saying that the biggest tip he saw was the tip of Jefferson’s Johnson. The guy probably thought his play on words was funny, but RJ clearly didn’t. “You literally admit to looking at our junks when we were in the locker room… I saw the original video, and I was like, “Oh. That’s the kid who used to stare at all of our junks,” RJ said.

“You felt so comfortable staring at our junks, that it’s literally your second video that you have posted on TikTok,” RJ continued. “…The point is, that’s why I didn’t interact with you. That’s why I avoided you.”

The ball boy hasn’t made any response ever since Jefferson gave him all the smoke he badly wanted, and he’s even  now made his TikTok page private. But don’t think RJ has lost any of his snarky humor or can’t take a good joke. In fact, he posted an IG clip of another kid asking him about being on the wrong end of “the worst alley-oop of all time.”