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Aperol X Talia di Napoli National Pizza Month Bundle

Source: Aperol / Talia di Napoli

Aperol, among a long line of Italian bitters, forms the base for the exquisite yet simple Aperol Spritz, a cocktail enjoyed by many in the warmer months and beyond. Aperol’s distinction as an aperitivo makes it a great choice before a hearty meal, and they’ve joined forces with Talia di Napoli for an impressive Aperol Spritz and pizza bundle that should be the centerpiece of your next gathering among friends or a quiet family meal.

Aperol, which has been in existence since 1919, may only exist on the shelves of fine cocktail bars across America or in the cabinet of an enthusiast, but it enjoys a reputation of renown across the “Bel Paese” (Beautiful Country). Aperitivo drinks are built on Italian bitters, existing on the drier side of the flavor equation, and meant to get one prepared to take in a hearty lunch or dinner. Hence, the baked and flavorful goodness of traditional “pizza napoletana” or Neapolitan pizza makes a ton of sense.

For those unfamiliar with Aperol, the best way we can explain it is that it’s the sweeter, less-boozy version of the popular Campari bitters drink, and both can be enjoyed as a spritz in a similar fashion over the rocks with prosecco, soda, and a slice of orange.

Spirit.Ed had the good fortune of trying out the Aperol Spritz and Talia di Napoli pairing with Celebrity chef Katie Lee and Talia di Napoli founder and CEO Edouard Freda during a media event moderated by Campari America’s National Brand Ambassador Anne-Louise Marquis.

We not only learned how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz but we also cooked one of the Talia di Napoli pizzas in real time to really bring together the event. The Aperol Spritz is actually a delight to make, with prosecco forming the base and the beautiful color of Aperol brightening things up in an ice-filled wine glass and then topped with sparkling water for added fizz before adding an orange slice.

As Ms. Marquis carefully instructed us, the best Aperol Spritz begins with an ice-filled wine glass, one part prosecco, one part Aperol, a splash of sparkling water, and the orange slice in that exact order. Even if you don’t get the portions right, you might find a ratio along the way that works for your palette and at just 11 percent ABV, the Aperol Spritz makes a perfect cocktail hour drink too.

In honor of National Pizza Month, Aperol and Talia di Napoli are offering Aperol Spritz and double cheese Margherita pizza bundles that have all you will need inside to transform your kitchen and home into a villa in Naples, Italy.

To learn how to purchase an Aperol and Talia di Napoli bundle for your home, visit this link. You can also visit Reserve Bar for the bundle here.

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