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Remember back in March when NBA star and serial proprietor of Other People’s Property Tristan Thompson turned 30 and Khloé Kardashian, the mother of one of his children who he could never get enough of…cheating on, wished him a happy birthday via sappy Instagram post in which she said how much he had changed and earned her trust?


Well, booooooooy, it turns out that post did not age well as a new woman is claiming to be pregnant with Thomson’s third child and is suing him for child support. In fact, it’s entirely possible that this child was conceived on that same day of Thompson’s birthday when Kardashian—who incidentally, left Thompson in June for cheating on her with a different woman (seriously, this dude is like the second coming of Bobby Womack)—posted her special birthday message for him.

According to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old Maralee Nichols, a personal trainer from Houston, Texas, claims she is due to give birth to a baby boy on December 3, and that Thompson is her child’s father.

Thompson reportedly admitted to sleeping with Nichols on his birthday, but he said that was their only time together. Nichols denies that claim saying their affair began five months prior.

Additionally, according to TMZ, Nichols has claimed that Thompson previously offered her $75,000 to keep quiet about the new baby she says he fathered.

I guess the moral of the story here is: If you’re going to be an ain’t sh** negro who lives that unfaithful life, either your penis or your finances are going to need protection.