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R&B producer Stevie J. (real name Steve Jordan) and his son Stevie II were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight this past Friday at LAX. Allegedly, the pair tried to board the plane with booze in hand. However, according to the Bad Boys Hitmen producer, he and his son were simply enjoying a nice nip and disposed of any drinks beforehand.

Jordan feels he and his son received some extra attention because of the color of their skin, and he threatened to take the airline company to court. He told TMZ that he was headed to Atlanta to celebrate his daughter Eva’s birthday, and he admits he did have alcohol with Stevie II. The sequence of events differs between how Jordan tells it and Delta’s account, though.

Hip-hop personality Julia Beverly happened to be at LAX at the same time, and she posted what she could of the incident to social media. Beverly says she “didn’t see what happened, overheard it said that [Stevie J.] & his friend boarded the plane with open cups of liquor in hand despite being told not to, & a bunch of police showed up to remove them from the plane.”

Stevie J. informed TMZ that he and his son never made it on the plane with any alcohol. The producer believes he and Stevie II didn’t throw away their drinks fast enough for a Delta employee’s liking, and that is why they were singled out. But the company didn’t ban the producer or his son from flying their airlines, nor did they have him arrested. In fact, the two simply rebooked their flight and made to ATL in time for Eva’s birthday.

Delta isn’t the only party feeling the heat from Stevie J.’s legal team, though. The producer has been caught in a bitter divorce with his estranged wife Faith Evans for the last few weeks, and he filed for spousal support while asking the judge block her chance to receive any from him. But PEOPLE reports that the fiery lovebirds do plan to spend the holidays together anyway. “It’s not a dysfunctional family,” a source told the publication, “It’s just [that] Stevie’s never been married — and he married Faith… He loves her. He wouldn’t marry her if he didn’t.”