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'Power Book II: Ghost' Episode 205, "Coming Home To Roost" Recap

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost’s season 2 midseason finale was explosive. Let’s quickly unpack what went down on Sunday night’s episode. 

Zeke Catches A Break

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Zeke, our favorite hooping doof is in big trouble after that struggle interview he did with Jemele Hill that made Chris Brown’s Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts look like an Emmy Award-winning production. His poor showing led to him being called to voluntarily turn himself after he inadvertently made an ass and a suspect out of himself.

When Zeke, Monet (his momma), and MacLean arrive, they are greeted by ADA Jenny Sullivan and Kamaal Tate, plus Det. Whitman and they tell Zeke, Monet, and MacLean that he is no longer a suspect in the case and he can go. MacLean being the great opportunist, oops, we mean attorney he is, demands that they put out a statement clearing Zeke’s name of any wrongdoing that will help repair his image.

Monet is relieved that her secret son and cash cow are no longer going to jail, but Zeke is still worried that the entire scenario could ruin his draft stock. Still, Zeke is a free man and decides to celebrate. He has a new outlook on life and dyes his hair blonde.

Professor Milgram Gets Suspicious

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

WIth Zeke in the clear, Monet decides to visit Professor Milgram to give her another stern warning. In her best threatening voice, the matriarch of the Tejada clan tells Milgram to stay away from Zeke and to distance herself from the investigation into Jabari’s death. Of course, Milgram agrees, but this is Power, and nothing works out smoothly for any of its characters.

After her very intense meeting with Monet, Kamaal Tate, and Det. Whitman stopped by to pitch another lead since the idea of Zeke pulling the trigger went cold. Their new approach to the case comes off Tate’s hunch that Jabari put all of the breadcrumbs in his new book. Tate convinces Milgram to read the ” dead professor n***’s” (Monet’s words, not ours) to see what clues she can uncover, defying Monet’s orders to stay away from the case.

After reading Jabari’s book, Milgram becomes very suspicious of Riq and decides to switch up the lesson plan to speak about karma, taking everyone by surprise. Milgram presses Riq to see where his mind is at and how he would respond. Riq and Lauren were confused about Milgram pressing him in class instead of everyone else.

After reading Jabari’s book, Milgram tells Whitman that she believes that the book is about Riq even though Whitman believes the book’s main character is Zeke. Kamaal remembers that Riq’s father, James St. Patrick was a major drug dealer before his death. Carrie then suspects that Brayden is helping Riq sell drugs, even though his motive doesn’t make any sense because he is a spoiled rich kid.

Monet Pits Riq & Cane Against Each Other

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

After the whole ordeal with Zeke, Monet is understandably upset, especially with Riq and her son/goon Cane. Monet pops up on campus to have a conversation with Riq. She makes him get in her truck, and they take a trip to a secluded area to put some fear in Riq’s heart, forcing him to talk.

Monet gives Riq one more chance to fix things and wants him to find out who is Cane’s connect in any way possible. She kicks him out of her car and hilariously tells him to find a way back to campus. Monet’s intricate game continues. She meets with Cane and tells him to find out what Riq’s weakness is so that she can get control of Riq.

Riq puts his plan in place by meeting with Diana to tell her he needs more product from Cane, telling her he needs the money to help get custody of his sister and instructing her to keep Monet out of it. Diana agrees, only if he gets more information on Cane. They also wondered if Cane was the one who swapped out their drugs for sugar.

Diana then runs to Cane and tells him that Riq needs the product and threatens to tell Monet that he swapped her drugs with sugar if he doesn’t do it. Cane agrees to give Riq the drugs, but only if Riq picks the drugs up himself. The exchange night comes, and it’s Brayden who shows up with Riq spying on the drug pickup.

Riq finally borrows someone’s care and follows Cane to Mecca’s home. Riq gets out of his car to take photos and gets beat up by one of Mecca’s goons. Cane and that mysterious cook watch on the camera. When the chef asks if he recognized Riq, he says no. Nuff, Mecca’s goon, lets Riq go after whooping his a** and taking his phone and bringing it upstairs. They once again press Cane if he knows Riq? Cane says no, and Mecca believes him. Nuff gets angry, and Mecca is not here, for it gives the chef the order to slice Nuff’s neck. Cane takes Riq’s phone and leaves. He sees that Riq has an upcoming custody hearing for his sister. He’s found the information Monet has been looking for she thinks that will help her control Riq.

Lauren Puts On Her Cape To Save Riq

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Lauren is head over heels for Riq, but at the same time, she doesn’t want any heat on herself, so she decided to wear a wire in the form of a watch to help the police investigation. Lauren thought she was clear and no longer had to wear the wire but was given some bad news from Milgram. Carrie reveals to Lauren to continue wearing the wire to clear his name possibly.

Lauren stops by the Riq’s dorm to find him and finds Brayden and Cane. While trying to hit on her, Cane is able to find out that Riq is looking for an apartment. Carrie, Kamaal, and Whitman once again question Lauren after their new discovery from the wire. After hearing Cane’s voice on the wire, Whitman knew he was involved because he is Zeke’s cousin (brother actually) and whats to pursue that lead despite Kamaal still being suspicious of Riq.

Lauren is helping Riq in his mission to get custody of his sister despite all of that. Riq missed out on a potential apartment becuase he was late. Lauren does come through by letting Riq use her brother’s apartment to help him in his case. Lauren came through in the clutch. She also used the opportunity to ask him about Brayden, plus the book. Riq assures her the book is not about Brayden. This is a bummer becuase that means the heat won’t come off him, plus he shoots down her suggestion for him to move into the apartment to get away from Brayden.

Even In Death Ghost Still Haunts Riq

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Premiere

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

It’s finally court day, and after begging trust fund attorney Daniel Warren to help him with the custody hearing, Riq almost messes things up. Before the hearing, Monet calls Riq’s phone only to hear it ringing in her home because Cane shows up with it. After an intense back and forth with her son, Cane gives her the phone and the information she instructed him to get.

Riq shows up to court, and right before he is about to walk inside the building, Monet pulls and tells him to get the car. Monet locks the car doors holding him in the vehicle to miss the hearing and lose out on getting his sister. Riq gets desperate and starts snitching like Tekashi 69, telling her it was Cane who switched her product for sugar and that Diana stole the money from the bar.

Monet realizes she is not in control, and Riq convinces her that he will find out who Cane’s connect is. Monet lets him go, and he makes it to the custody hearing just in time. After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge decides to grant custody of Yaz to him, a big win for Riq, but the celebration will be cut very short.

While Riq was at the custody hearing, Kamaal went to his dorm to search it for evidence of Officer Ramirez’s murder. After almost coming up empty in their search, Kamaal finds Ramirez’s badge that Cane planted. When Riq arrives on campus, he is arrested and taken into custody. He is visited by Warren, who informs Riq that his father instructed him to give him a letter if he were ever arrested. Riq reads the letter, and it’s a stark reminder of his father haunting in death, saying he always knew his son would end up behind bars.

Daddy’s Home

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Monet is already conflicted, she feels her love for Mecca is messing up her judgment and leading to more mistakes, but she can’t resist him. After another meeting with him, she heads home and hears all of her kids laughing. She walks into the dining room and sees Lorenzo is back home. Saxe came through in the clutch for Diana, who used the stolen money to help pay for his case.

Monet looks like she has just seen a ghost, but she knows Lorenzo being home will only make things worse now that Mecca is around. Meanwhile, MacLean will use Saxe’s skills to help him get his brother, played by Redman, out of prison.

Things will be even more interesting when Power Book II: Ghost returns in January.

Photo: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost