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The Thomas' & Danforth Attend Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

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It should surprise zero Negroes that Sunken Place Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is married to a white woman who is tied to organizations that tried to overturn legally cast votes mostly from largely Black and Latino areas. Because that’s all the Jan. 6 events were really about. Whether we’re talking about peaceful “stop the steal” protests or the insurrection seen and heard around the world—it was all about white people who didn’t care about disenfranchising Black and brown voters so long as their MAGA-fied cult leader stayed in office. 

According to an op-ed report published in New York Times Magazine, Thomas’ wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, had ties to organizers of rallies that took place on Crazy Caucasian Capitol Coup Day in support of ex-President Donald Trump and in support of challenging 2020 election results that had already been challenged to death resulting in us having the pleasure of watching Trump lose over and over and over again in lower courts and Supreme courts across all the states Trump falsely claimed he beat President Joe Biden in.

Now, we already knew Ginni from the voter-block was all about ignoring demonstrable facts and keeping voter fraud propaganda alive. As the Washington Post reported last month, amid the protests for a baseless cause fueled by white lies, Ginni posted to Facebook, “LOVE MAGA people!!!! GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU STANDING UP OR PRAYING,” which is a weird thing to post considering the fact that all the MAGA crowd was “praying” for was the invisibility of Black and brown votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

In general, Ginni Thomas acted as an extension of Trump’s delusions.

Dustin Stockton, who helped organize the Ellipse rally, which Ginni was connected to, told the Times she kept the peace among rally organizers “so that there wouldn’t be any division around January 6.” (And we all saw how that worked out.)

“The way it was presented to me was that Ginni was uniting these different factions around a singular mission on January 6,” Stockton said.

One can only wonder how much “division” there could possibly be between organizers who were already aiming to further divide an already-divided nation by essentially canceling democracy to keep the guy who lost the election in office at the expense of millions of voters who had already spoken.

Here’s what other organization she was involved with via Insider:

Thomas also served on the advisory board of Turning Point USA, a conservative nonprofit that sponsored the event and provided buses for rallygoers on January 6, The Times reported.

Thomas is also connected with people who sought to undo the 2020 election results. John Eastman, the lawyer who wrote a memo on how Vice President Mike Pence could overturn the election results, previously clerked for Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court and is a close friend to the couple, according to The Times.

Steve Bannon, a onetime White House chief strategist for Trump, also endorsed efforts to challenge the election results. Ginni Thomas founded a group called Groundswell with Bannon’s support, The Times reported.

There are more organizations aimed at overturning a legal election that Ginni was and is connected to, but y’all get the point.

How is Clarence going to serve as a purveyor of justice when he’s married to a woman who actively tried to subvert the electoral system unjustly?