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China Tesla Sales

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

If you want to get on the electric vehicle range because the gas is so damn high, it’s going to cost you some extra green or DOGE coin.

The price is going up on Tesla’s range of electric vehicles. The company used to be applauded for its reasonably priced, cooler-looking vehicles. That is changing with recent hikes in cost, with some models seeing a 5 to 10 percent hike in their original price. The Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, Tesla’s cheapest electric vehicle’s price, is now starting at $46,990, and its most expensive model, the top-end Model X Trimotor, is seeing a bump from $126,490 to $138,990, an $12,500.

This marks the second time in a week the company Elon Musk built has raised the prices initially for particular models. This price hike stands out because it involves all models.

Per The Verge:

  • Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive: $44,990 to $46,990
  • Model 3 Long Range: $51,990 to $54,490
  • Model 3 Performance: $58,990 to $61,990
  • Model Y Long Range: $59,990 to $62,990
  • Model Y Performance: $64,990 to $67,990
  • Model S Dual Motor: $94,990 to $99,990
  • Model S Tri Motor: $129,990 to $135,990
  • Model X Dual Motor: $104,990 to $114,990
  • Model X Tri Motor: $126,490 to $138,990

As to what is causing the price hike, Elon Musk hasn’t spoken directly about the new prices. Based on a tweet he hit send on, he’s chalking up to inflation as one of the many factors. “Tesla & SpaceX are seeing significant recent inflation pressure in raw materials & logistics,” he claimed. As of right now, inflation which has become one the most significant talking points lately, is currently at 7.9 percent, the highest it’s ever been in 40 years. Musk also points to “inflation pressure in raw materials & logistics” being an issue.

The prices of raw materials like nickel, palladium, and steel important in the manufacturing of EVs have also gone up, which is a direct result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unjust invasion of Ukraine.

These recent developments could explain Musk challenging Putin to “single combat” in Russian on Twitter. “I hereby challenge [Putin] to single combat,” Musk wrote in his tweet. “Stakes are [Ukraine].” To let Putin and his regime know he really wants the smoke, he tagged the official account of the Kremlin.

We’re positive Putin isn’t going to answer this challenge. As for getting a Tesla, you better jump on it before the price rise again.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty