The 2003 white SUV is being sold by Import 1 Motorsport in Pipersville, Pennsylvania for $175,000. Prior to that, it was auctioned off by Boston-based RR Auction nearly seven years ago for just under $120,000.

What's old is new again, as the famed DeLorean is coming back - and this time, it's electric.

If you want to get on the electric vehicle range because the gas is so damn high, it's going to cost you some extra green or DOGE coin. 


Head inside to see what chemist Akira Yoshino has to say on the topic.

After his Netflix comedy-drama Fatherhood received rave reviews from fans, Kevin Hart is back with a new original series.


From the paint to the parkway, and from Crab Dribble to Crab Mode, now anyone can drive like King James.