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Anti-mandate protest in New Jersey

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So, it turns out a lot of white people were less concerned about the COVID-19 health crisis once they heard people of color were disproportionately affected.

Sorry for blowing your melanated minds with this revelation.

“When white Americans heard about COVID hitting people of color harder, a lot of them mentally peaced out. This is ugly.,” Loa Angels Times reported Matt Pearce tweeted Wednesday accompanied by an expert from the study, which was published in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

The authors of the study reported that they “found that those who perceived COVID-19 racial disparities to be greater reported reduced fear of COVID-19, which predicted reduced support for COVID-19 safety precautions.”

“Reading about the persistent inequalities that produced COVID-19 racial disparities reduced fear of COVID-19, empathy for those vulnerable to COVID-19, and support for safety precautions,” the findings of the study reportedly revealed. “These findings suggest that publicizing racial health disparities has the potential to create a vicious cycle wherein raising awareness reduces support for the very policies that could protect public health and reduce disparities.”

Wait, wait, wait—this couldn’t be right.

These can’t be the same white people who have claimed they don’t see color and that there isn’t a racist bone in their bodies. Those non-racist bones couldn’t be the ones residing in bodies that feel relief that they’re less vulnerable to infection because they are caucasian bodies—because who even cares about the rest, amirite?

Indifference to the suffering and vulnerability of non-white races is still racist, my color-redacted friends.

What happened to “all lives matter?”